Master in Organizational Development and People Management: Presentation

Applications Dates

November 9th

Duration of the Masters

22 months
Frequency: Every fifteen days


Thursdays & Fridays
6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.​
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


S/. 55,000
(ask for financing)​

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Director of the Masters: César Pera
Academic Director:​​ ​Oscar de Azambuja

The growth of a company means that it becomes increasingly important for the market and also increases their challenges. The only way to continue this projection is to manage the people that keep successful to keep them within the organization.​

The Master of Organizational Development and Personnel Management of Pacifico University, designed jointly with the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile, opens the possibility to prepare professionals with the knowledge, attitudes and tools that will feed all professionals who want to deepen and develop his career within the spectrum of people management.
Director de la Maestría Desarrollo Organizacional y Dirección de Personas de la Pacífico, Director de la Maestría RR.HH de la Pacífico
Logos acreditaciones de la Maestría en Desarrollo Organizacional y Dirección de Personas de la Pacífico, Doble grado con la UDD de Chile, AACSB, PRME, SEKN, EFM, B.A.L.A.S., CLADEA

Class Profile

Sector de procedencia

Sector de procedencia de los alumnos de la maestría en desarrollo organizacional y Dirección de Personas de la Pacífico, sector de procedencia de los alumnos de la maestría en RR.HH de la Pacífico

Cargos de Procedencia

Cargos de los alumnos de la Maestría en Desarrollo Organizacional y Dirección de Personas de la Pacífico, Cargos de los alumnos de la Maestría en RR.HH de la Pacífico

Major Institutions where our masters’ students work

  • ADECCO Perú S.A.
  • AGP Perú
  • Alicorp S.A.A.
  • American Móvil Perú S.A.C.
  • Banco de Crédito del Perú
  • Belcorp International S.A.
  • Bradley MDH
  • Bulltick Capital Markets
  • BZP Energy
  • Cemento Andino S.A.
  • Clínica Internacional S.A.
  • Clorox Perú 
  • Compañía Minera Antamina S.A.
  • Compañía Minera Milpo
  • Ernst & Young
  • Ferreyros S.A.A
  • Goodyear del Perú
  • Graña & Montero S.A.A.
  • IBM del Perú S.A.C.
  • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
  • Nestlé Perú S.A.
  • Procter & Gamble Perú
  • Ransa Comercial S.A.
  • Rímac International Cía. de Seguros u Reaseguros
  • Saga Falabella S.A.
  • Supermercados Peruanos S.A.
  • Toyota del Perú S.A.
  • UCP Backus y Johnston S.A.A.
  • Unique S.A.

Universidad del Desarrollo de Chile (UDD)

The Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) is recognized not only for its academic excellence, but also for its corporate seal. This feature has earned a special place in higher education in Chile and Latin America, only 20 years since its founding. It is accredited by the prestigious Association of MBAs (AMBA) and is located in the 11th-ranked business schools in Latin America (magazine America Economia, 2015). It excels in producing knowledge through the publication of research papers, and specialized papers, case studies and academic texts.


Director General of Meeting Consultants. The Ontological Coach by Newfield Network, Chile. Master in Management and Human Resources from the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.


Independent consultant and partner in human component Ltda. Specialist projects leadership, change management, individual and group coaching, among others. MBA in Human Resources Management from the Universidad Diego Portales, Chile. Certificate and Ontological Coach by Newfield Network (ACP).

Associate Consultant in Organizational and People Technology Consultants SA Professor at the School of Psychology Development Universidad de Chile. Master in Psychology of Work, Organizations and Human Resources from the Université Paris V-René Descartes, France and Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Executive and personal coach internationally accredited by the International Association of Coaching (IAC). Master of Clinical Psychology, Universidad de Chile 

Director of the Masters in Organizational Development and Human Resources Development University (UDD) of Chile. Executive Coach certified by the School of Psychology at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Chile. Master of Adminsitration from Universidad Alberto Hurtado,Chile.