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The Training Workshop for the performance of duties as a committee member or supervisor of safety and occupational health arises from the obligation of the employer with less than twenty employees to have an occupational safety and health supervisor for the company, and an employer of twenty or more employees to have an occupational safety and health committee.



​ Acquire the skills to carry out their functions in the company such as:




  • ​Participate in the development, approval, implementation and evaluation of policies, plans and programs to promote occupational safety and health, prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.

  • Acquire criteria to participate in the preparation, approval, and implementation of the rules of procedure of Safety and Health, the OSH Annual Program, the OSH Annual Programming Services, the OSH Annual Training Plan for workers. As well as research, recording, analysis and reporting of accidents, incidents and occupational illnesses.

  • To contribute to the promotion of commitment, collaboration and active participation of all workers in the prevention of damage to health and work performance by solving security issues and proposing improvements of conditions work safety. del trabajo.

  • Have a minute book; know how to write minutes and annual contacts. Additionally know how to plan and execute campaigns and basic training on OSH for workers in the company.

Profile of the Participant

​The training workshop for the performance of duties as a member of the Committee or Supervisor Safety and Occupational Health is intended for any worker who is representing health and safety of workers in the management system of occupational safety and health required by Law 29783, Occupational Safety and Health, and other legal bodies.



The training workshop for the performance 


of duties as a member of the Committee or 


Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor 


consists of 16 contact hours in the classroom.


Workload distribution 


of 2 sessions of 8 hours is proposed.


The flexibility to receive training in the 


combination of hourly distribution 


meets the production needs of 


the company and availability of attendees.​

General Information

After the workshop for the performance of duties as a member of the Committee or Supervisor Occupational Safety and Health participants who meet the academic requirements and 80% attendance, receive a certificate of attendance on behalf of the Center for Education Executive Universidad del Pacifico.​

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