Cost Management: Presentation

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December 2016


4 days



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S/. 2,620


Leisla Padilla 
T. 219-0100 / anexo: 2283

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The seminar presents a tested methodology to identify the waste of resources; it suggests specific policies to identify cost overruns; and describes reduction options, cost containment and control using a procedural perspective.​

How can we manage, reduce, and contain the costs of an organization?​

"The classes of the academic program will start with the minimum number of students enrolled as set by the Executive Education Center.​"



  • To present the methodology to manage, reduce, and contain costs in various periods of time.
  • To integrate administration, reduction, and cost containment with the strategy of the organization.
  • To facilitate the definition and implementation of costs projects; suggest costs control systems to prevent recurrent efforts.
  • To describe and warn of common mistakes in using traditional costs concepts and not comparing the costs with the benefits of different options for action.
  • To show the implementation of costs strategies in different types of organization and subject to different environments.
  • To suggest costs control systems to prevent recurring efforts.


At the end of the program, the participant will be able to apply a systemic process for:

  • Understanding the impact of their decisions on the overall process of the organization.
  • Improving their administrative practices, evaluating the merits of different proposals, and defending more informed actions.
  • Making decisions with greater professional rigor and integrating knowledge and previous experiences under a broad conceptual framework, which in turn explains the wide range of seminars offered that reflect the need to have a global vision of business in modern management.
  • Reducing the time required to assimilate concepts, given the methodology used.